Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’ve been thinking alot about action lately and how it can be taken on so many levels. Every once in a while I receive emails with questions from people implementing the law of attraction(LOA) but they see no results! “BY THOUGHT, THAT WHICH YOU WANT IS BROUGHT TO YOU. BY ACTION, YOU RECEIVE IT!” (“The Science of Success” by Wallace D. Wattles). We can’t be dreamers!  We have to take action to achieve the things we most desire. The funny thing about results is that they come from thoughts and actions, so if your happy with your current results then don’t change your actions, but if you are looking for better results, take action. Action!!!!!!!
You don’t have to go crazy. Did you know that if you change just a few or even one small thing in your every day life, you can create a whole different future for yourself!!! It’s called the compound effect.  For example, if I started smoking today, there would be no immediate change. However, in the long term, my life would have consequences from those actions. Eventually undesirable results would surface. For example, my teeth may go yellow, my health would deteriorate. I could even develop cancer. Just a small action, a small habit, drastically altered my future. Now take it with a positive spin. If I were to quit smoking (if I already did), think of the effects it would have on my life in so many positive ways. Eventually, I would feel healthier, I wouldn’t get cancer (atleast, not from smoking) and think of the money I would save! All that from changing a small action, a small habit.
Feelings+Thoughts+Actions= Results!!! It really is that simple, you can have every thing you want in life if you just follow that formula. So what are you waiting for? You future awaits you!

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