Sunday, December 12, 2010

hello world!!

Can you believe it? I’m blogging! For the longest time, people have been telling me to blog, and for a long time I’ve been saying I would and now, I actually am. I’ve just been so busy living life and enjoying it. I’ve often wondered how other people find the time, but I’ve finally it.
Right now, I’m sitting here, by the pool of a beautiful home I’ve rented for the winter in gorgeous Cape Coral, FL and it’s allowing me the time to reflect on the past year. Amazingly, I’ve traveled across the world to China, Hong Kong, Tokyo in Japan, Seoul in Korea, and Acores in Portugal. I’ve been to Thailand, Mexico and all across Canada to finally land here in Florida. I’ve been featured in Newspapers and magazines including Reader’s Digest which had a seven page profile on my life! What a year, and may I say what a life! I love it!
Now, how did I get here, you may ask? Was it hard work? Maybe. Was it my determination? Could be. Was it luck? In my books, there’s no such thing as luck. So, was it random? Nothing is random. Here is the truth. I am following my dreams and passions and keeping positive in all aspects. Besides writing this blog, I am also writing out my goals and aspirations for the year ahead of me. I already know what I want. I type out a list and what feels good stays, everything else goes. This is my advice on living the life you feel good about, to reach success and travel the world. Sit by the pool (or wherever you may be) and write/type out a list of things you want to accomplish in the year ahead and do them.
Years ago, a study was conducted on some graduating seniors at a college. Approximately 1500 of them were surveyed and asked about what they would base their career choices on. A whole 83% stated that financial gain was their first priority and that following their dream or their passion would come in second. 7% said that following their dream was their first priority. Twenty years later, surveying those same 1500 people, 101 of the grads had become millionaires. Only one from that 101 had come from the 83% that had said financial gain was their top priority. The other 100 had been of the mind to follow their dreams and their passion.
I love that story. The thing I tell people most is to ‘follow your dreams.’ Do what feels good! Passion is an incredibly powerful emotion. Those who’ve achieved great things have always felt a purpose stir in their souls.
Follow your dream! Do what feels good! Do what you love and what brings you joy!
Feelin’ good and livin’ the good life!
Alfonso Cuadra

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